Samsung Blu-ray player firmware update breaks movie playback

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Samsung Blu-ray player firmware update breaks movie playback | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics

From the article:

"It used to be that when you purchased a consumer electronic device that when you took it home it would do what it said on the package. When you buy a toaster you expect it to toast bread and if for some reason it was a super smart toaster and there was a way to upgrade the firmware in the toaster you wouldn’t expect that with the upgrade you could no longer toast bagels.

When you take a Blu-ray player home, you expect it to play Blu-ray movies. When you apply a firmware update, you expect that the device will have new features like maybe a faster boot time or supporting new extra content functionality in the Blu-ray Disc. Unfortunately, Samsung’s 2009 line of BD-Px600 players just recently had a firmware update (v2.09) that appears to have broken the ability for the devices to function as a Blu-ray player if the disc you’re trying to watch is from Warner or Universal pictures." ...