samsung k450 soundbar connection - DirecTV

I have a samsung 40 inch 6400 television. I just bought a Samsung K450 soundbar. I also have a RC65 remote control. When I connect the soundbar to the TV with the optical cable, the soundbar auto powers on and off when the television powers on and off, and that happens when I power the RC65 controller on and off. So that's a done deal. But I am trying to get the RC65 control to be able to adjust the volume on the soundbar (so I don't need two remote controls) and can't seem to get it synched. I've tried all the codes in the Directv system, and they seem not to do the job. I confess to not being so tech savvy and hope someone else has had the experience, too, and remedied it. Any suggestions? (I have tried to synch by hitting the power button and the volume button after depressing the mute and select buttons). Thanks

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