Samsung LCD HDTV’s top the US market

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Samsung LCD HDTV’s top the US market | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics

From the article:

"Samsung is once again the top liquid crystal display TV manufacturer in the U.S. market, after shipping 1.1 million LCD TVs during Q1." ...

"Samsung, Vizio and Toshiba have had success in 2009 and throughout 2010, while Sony and Sharp continue to struggle. Consumers looking for a new HDTV can expect prices to level off — and begin to decline — while the features and streaming capabilities are expected to grow." ...


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I've heard about this. Samsung is doing very well for themselves. Odds are that's what I'll get when I buy my new TV later this year or early next year.


Yeah, no sense anymore. It made sense when it was a few thousand dollars cheaper, for the same size display, but now LCDs and plasmas have come down so far in price that there is no need to deal with the compromises that DLP represents.


I'm interested in the Samsung Series 6, #650. 55", Net-TV enabled. I'm impressed by these new models not running overly warm. Fry's has them running constantly, so they were fully warmed up when I arrived.

I see a few models with the 240 Hz refresh, vs. the 120 Hz in the series I'm looking at.
Is this marketing hype, or is there a visible improvement?

240 Hz is found in the LG, but not in the Samsung in my price range.
I'm looking for reliability over everything else...


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Samsung is very good. Sony is expensive, but good.

Sharp used to be the champs, but they had problems with banding and then everyone went to glossy darkened screens to improve blacks. But I still like Sharp, especially the last couple of iterations of matte panels they put out.

My favorite Sammy is the T4061F, which was the last gen matte panel they put out. The year befores LCD models were where Samsung basically established themselves as a contender.

Im a huge fan of Vizio.

LG is under rated, Philips is LG stuff.

This is all LCD.

Pioneer is expensive for Plasma. I like Panasonic Plasmas, but Samsung came on strong a couple of years ago in that department. The Panny professional series are my favorites.....they lack tuners.

My favorite LCD of all time is the Olevia 747i. My favorite Plasma of all time is the Vizio VP505XVT. The Olevia uses the Realta HQV video processing. The Vizio uses the Reon (Realta's little brother). Best Video Processing ever found in flat panels. That being said....the Pioneer Plasmas are stunning.


I've had a few Samsungs now, and they're been great, in terms of quality, value, and service. I underscore value, because Samsung tends to be "second best" in most categories, in terms of technical quality, but wins overall because the "best of the best" tends to grossly-overcharge for that incremental amount of technical excellence.


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I dont usually buy new.

So I would be picking and choosing from available used on auction sites or craigslist, looking for specific models. Samsung, Sharp, Vizio, Sony, Olevia, Westinghouse for LCD and Panny, Vizio, and Hitachi for Plasma. Used Pioneer plasmas go for good money.

Im a cheap bastard.


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You can get some esoteric Plasmas which had good reputations and were generally more oriented to Business Commercial Fujitsu, NEC, and Runco....for good value prices.