Review: Samsung PlasmaTv Exit, now Philips 4k LED with 3way Ambilight Tv.


Just want to share some previous samsung troubles, the widely known power defects.
And the introduction of my new Philips 55 inch 3 way ambilight LED tv.

First the good, later the (and I mean never ever again the bad) samsung.

Recently I bought the Philips 55PUK7150, that is 4k LED, Android TV 5.1 control
(nicely blended with company software), front directional speakers, woofer in the back,
nice colors/blacks and design, and not to forget 3 way ambilight.
And the partly possiblity to install your custom app/apk on the tv. (I got videos of this)
Good and easy usb/nas video player, the factory mediaplayer or through MxPlayer or Kodi app, perfect!
The Kodi app with plexbmc is just a real treat and works like a charm!

unboxing/unpacking the tv set, till full installation;

ambilight real test video

Just love it.

Now the bad, the Samung plasma PS51E8000.
The top-line model, the (almost) best blacks (Panasonic was better then), but bought this model.
I really, really loved the picture quality, plasma is just real blacks (no overexpensive oled yet..)
But after a few month it started, off and back on, repeating itself.. And nooo I didnt touch it.
This went on for 3.5 year, four repairs further. I had 2 year factory warrenty, but then my costs...
Finally the tv had to go, got some money back. And then we looked for a non-samsung tv!!
The electronics, power, capacitors, it just aarghh.. Never ever again a bad cheap made samsung product again.

Trouble proof,
(even more of these somewhat boring samsung power problem off/on available...)

But they do make nice HD-black/color videos, nice on the samsung Plasma.
But even nicer on the Philips with my ambilights :)

Thanks for reading !


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