Samsung Smart TV - Certain Channels are in Slow Motion - TWC TV and Apps

It's the weirdest thing and most frustrating thing in the world. i have spoken with customer service multiple times and tried every troubleshooting tactic there is.

Coidencially, only the channels I really want to watch do this - they literally play fine for 10 seconds and then its as if you hit slow motion on a DVD and it just will go on in slow motion.

This only happens on certain channels - ESPN and all the other sports channels, all Epix channels, don't have a list but its a good number of them and the rest of the channels work fine.

I have extreme internet so its not the speed. I try it on my iPad and it works without this issue, its only on the Smart TV. Can't seem to get any answers from TWC except some lady who said its an outtage in your area which it clearly wasn't because it worked fine on my iPad and phone.

I just want to stream on my Smart TV! Please fix this.