Samsung Will Bring The Power To CES This Week

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Samsung is one of the biggest names in electronics gear, so it should be no surprise that they are bringing a lot of products to the consumer electronics show, although no one expected this kind of home theater tech to be their offerings. Maybe you’ve been sitting in your living room feeling like there was just something missing. You can’t quite put your ginger on it, but you think it might be the fact that you don’t have an absolutely incredible home theater system in it.

Giant TVs

Samsung just revealed their 105” Ultra HDTV, but their even newer offering is their 110” 4K television that has grabbed the attention of people from all across the globe. This 800 megapixel display is coming January 30 to the Middle East, China, and Europe and is billed as the “world’s largest commercial Ultra High Definition TV.” In combination with their other 4K options already on the market, including 55”, 65”, and 85” options, Samsung hopes that this will help them take control of the market and get a foothold before anyone catches up to them.

To control this massive television, Samsung is going to showcase their new “Smart Control” that has all kinds of new features like gesture recognition, touch pad buttons, voice interaction, and a newly designed button console. Flipping between menu items, selecting content, and more is going to be easier than ever thanks to this one of a kind remote. These look completely different from any other television control on the market, but the pebble design is supposed to be easier to hold and much more comfortable than still relying on block style controls of the past.

Sound Systems

To go along with these new massive televisions and fancy controllers, Samsung will bring their new state of the art sound systems, which will build off of the previous years Samsung Shape Wireless Audio Multiroom System. There will be standalone M5 speakers that can be used on their own with wireless Samsung products, component audio systems that include 7.1 and virtual 9.1 channels, and more.

The goal is to create high quality sounding equipment that seamlessly and easily integrates with other Samsung products that they might own. Having a wireless system is great, and looks even better, but many people don’t quite know how to work them. Samsung has changed that.

Everything Else

There are other non-home theater options that Samsung is planning to show off as well. The Galaxy Camera 2 and NX30 will make an appearance to show off the 16 mega pixel image sensor and 20 mega pixies mirror less technologies respectively. Pricing information on the cameras and lesses that they plan to show haven’t been discussed as of yet, though.

CES is always an exciting thing and is always a chance to check out all of the newest technology. For home theater enthusiasts in particular, though, this is going to be an exciting event that offers the products that will help shape a new era in home entertainment.