San Diego Downtown High-Rise. Can't position antenna correctly. Please advise.


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Type of antenna used:
I'm using this indoor antenna, which says it broadcasts UHF and VHF

Type of antenna wiring used
Direct from LG 2017 TV to Antenna. Have tried with and without USB power.

Which channels are you trying to receive?
FOX and NBC have been the simplest to get, and i've received ABC as well, but can't get all 4 consistently.


Anything else that you feel that the forum should know about your setup or what you're trying to achieve.
Does it help to move the antenna to test signal in real time?
I've read that i must rescan to check the positioning. Does that mean use the Auto Tuning after every move? or can i simply manually ping the channel again?

Thanks in advance.

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:welcome: HeyNowJerry

Please rerun your antenna survey for us.

Currently, this is the result: The page you are trying to access does not exist.

Thanks, Jim and the DTVUSA Staff

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You have a fabulous antenna survey and you should be able to receive dozens of channels but sorry to report the Amazon page with your antenna "doesn't exist".

Your amplified antenna may be doing more harm than good because you already have plenty of signal present and your tuner may not be able to handle any more signal strength (overload). When antenna amplifiers are not powered, they attenuate (kill) reception, so unless the amplifier can be bypassed or removed, you probably have the wrong antenna for your location. I simple set of (non-amplified) 1950s-1960s Rabbit Ears with a UHF Loop would probably be better and certainly better to test with. Below, I added a photo I found online.

Regarding moving your antenna, I am not familiar with your particular setup, but digital tuners need to 'capture' a station only once - then its specific data is memorized: you can move your antenna to find the best spot without rescanning your tuner. However, if there is a Channel your tuner has not yet detected, you need to move your antenna and rescan, move your antenna and rescan, etc. until the signal from that Channel is captured: then, you can move your antenna to find the best receiving location. I hope this helps.


Recall also that many televisions allow you to add the RF station manually, so scan-move-scan-move may not be necessary in your situation. You can scan, see what channels you don't have, enter them manually if the TV allows, and move the antenna to the best location for all (or most) of them.


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Thanks for the help guys. I returned the amplified antenna based on Jim's advice.
Bought this one.

So far, perfect.Have the 4 major broadcast channels. Needed to set it in the right spot on the wall, but picture is coming in perfect.

Spoke too soon. Channel 8 (CBS) local is very spotty. In an out, and I try to move the antenna up and down the wall. Any reason why that particular one is giving me the most trouble?


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All of the channels on your list are in the UHF TV Band except for channels 8 and 10 which are high-band VHF. It is possible you have too much signal or too little signal from channel 8, but more likely that your new antenna is also not optimized to receive VHF transmissions. Out of curiosity, how is your channel 10 reception?

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