Sarah Palin resigns as Governer of Alaska


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No, she's going to run for presidency in 2012. Hopefully she'll take some public speaking classes before then.
I don't see how that helps her Presidential ambitions for 2012. There is no precedent for this type of action.

One might say she is jumping ship on the leadership of Alaska which she used as a reference to her experience in 2008. Now she can't do that without explaining why she quit the people of Alaska. After all if she is out on the campaign and money raising trail, that can appear selfish on her part in not fulfilling the role of Governor she ran to fulfill.


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Wow really?? Must be some controversy??
Really, no need for a link. It's all over everywhere.

Many thought the same thing, is there a controversy we don't know about yet? No one can find one. Then again I take it his news is only hours old as I heard it at 5:30pm EDT on OTA local news, it was their opening story.


Unless Obama does a major Class-A screwup before the next elections, she doesn't have a rats chance in a lions den of winning. Even then, Hilary wouldn't want to get beaten out by a woman who's foreign relations are "I can see Russia from my house."


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I listened to another station and the sound bites from her (and it was Fox so it wasn't against her), she kept saying that she was 1/2 million in legal bills defending herself from attacks, and she was sick of the lime light basically.

Now that doesn't sound like someone wanting to run for President.

Well I think Obama is screwing up a lot already, but not enough to loose his base and most of his swing voters he had. Clearly if the election were to be held again today, I doubt he would loose.


Even then, Hilary wouldn't want to get beaten out by a woman who's foreign relations are "I can see Russia from my house."
LOL Aries! :thumb: Don't forget about Condy, Ole Hilary might have quite a bit of competition when the time comes. Still though, how Palin thinks she is going to stay in the limelight till then is anyones guess.


Turkeygate didn't even help her either...


The actual turkey that was slaughtered was auctioned off on eBay, and sold to one bidder. Turkey in Palin video auctioned on eBay

I wonder if the bidder saved a drumstick for Sarah. Would be better for her to eat crow with that turkey.


The most cogent speculation I've seen is that there is some terrible medical problem in her family, or she simply decided that she like making lots of money (as a speaker) rather than serving the public as a politician.
You think it could be because grandma has to give it all up to raise the grandchild? Hunting moose is a skill that is past down from generation to generation after all. :deadhorse:


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If something medical is happening I wish her family well. If it's to raise money, I would hope it would be seen as a dereliction of duty if she ever wants to run for half the term of an office again.