Satellite dishes & the HR 54-700 direct tv receiver - DirecTV

What I was hoping to be a simple and easy way to take our direct tv receiver with us camping, has turned out to be a Nightmare !!! I purchased the Windguard G2 plus dish, only to find out it needed another bunch of boxes and stuff SWM-849 kit. Now instead of one wire to the dish, there's two, now two power supplies, one for the SWM, one for the original equipment. Now there's wires everywhere, instead of the one simple line as lead to believed. I had to call a Windguard tech, to even hook it up
. Worked once and now keep getting a 771 error code. Have not disconnected any wires except to move the receiver back into the house, and works perfectly on the house dish. Any help here would be appreciated. About to just buy a $100 dish, aim it myself and get back to the one wire setup.
Jamie in Alabama

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