Saturday morning cartoons

Ok...I'm going to show my age here but what happened to all of the great Saturday morning cartoons? I'm talking about stuff like Bugs Bunny and many of the others. I see the stuff that my kids watch and I want to vomit.


They ditched the animation budget, the storyline budget, and the VA budget. I'll agree that most cartoons these days are horrible. The only exception I can name is Fosters, which I watch when I get the chance to.

I'll stick with anime these days. BRB, watching Death Note.


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They were abandoned for stuff that I don't even think is funny. Richochet Rabbit is no more. Magilla Gorilla and the Hillbilly Bears are no more. South Park seems to be what people want. To me, that's sad.


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I'm guessing there is still at least some market for the older shows, still. I see the odd DVD or two every now and then in Wal-Mart with more "classic" stuff, like Bugs Bunny, etc.


although i'm 19 years old i still really love watching cartoons every saturday morning with my younger brother. and my mom always preparing snack for us. for my family that is a great bonding.


I like Sesame Street for my kids, they still show that one. I also like Barney alot. They like the Jetsons too, and the Flinstones. I am glad those shows are still on the air.


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I agree some of them are really bad and I find myself sat in front of the TV actually confussed I think they beleive that kids need complicated when they really dont.