Saturday Night Live adds three new faces; and thoughts on Ronna and Beverly Show


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Saturday Night Live has three new faces to start off the fall season with Aidy Bryant, Tim Robinson, and Cecily Strong all joining the returning cast for what will be the irreverent and highly successful series' 38th season on the air. A lot has happened since those early days when Chevy Chase fell over anything and everything and announced, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"

View attachment 1948 I have to admit I have never really been a big SNL fan, but I have watched it off and on during these 38 years of sometimes odd, sometimes funny, and sometimes questionable comedy. Chase was my favorite comedian to be on the program as a regular. He probably made me laugh more than any of the others. Of course, he and so many others like Bill Murray and Billy Crystal went on to do bigger and perhaps better things, depending on your point of view.

Many of SNL's players have come from Second City TV (SCTV), a program that began in 1976 by doing parodies of films and TV shows. SNL followed suit with making silly sketches out of guest hosts' projects like when Patrick Swayze hosted and participated in take offs of both Dirty Dancing and Ghost during his stint.

While there is obviously a place for shows like SNL, they can cross lines and they are not for everyone. The United Kingdom has their share of wicked humor as well. Their crop of comedians like Rowan Atkinson known for his Mr. Bean character and who provided some quirky and edgy comedy during the opening ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games can be even more over the top and outrageous than ours in America.

Both countries are united, though, in having shows that like to push boundaries, be innovative, and yet be entertaining. Today, for example, I watched part of a new British show called The Ronna and Beverly Show. It has been a successful stage show for a couple of years and now it is on TV. These two women are not afraid to say anything or push their guests to extremes with suggestive comments and actions. With the right guest, the results are quite amusing. Today's episode included singer Alfie Boe who will be touring America in October and may make some appearances on PBS while in the country. Watch what Beverly does to Alfie when they start discussing his days as a body mechanic and then later when she gets physical with him during a duet. Described recently by one UK critic as a "rock star with an operatic gift," Boe was practically blushing for the entire interview, not to mention his voice changed halfway through from what he was being asked.


Humor is subjective. SNL has proven that even at its most outrageous, it satisfies Americans as entertainers like Atkinson and the aforementioned Ronna and Beverly do for the British. I'd love to see how Alfie Boe would do on SNL. No plans for that, but his fellow countryman, Daniel Craig, is scheduled to be one of the first three guest hosts when the new season starts up.