Saving data when upgrading. - DirecTV

I have seen this same issue time and time again. Why doesn't Directv set up an archiving system so all programming from internal or external devices are not lost when getting a new dvr. My biggest complaint with Directv is storing and keeping data. The internal drives on the dvrs are 1tb or less. This is ridiculous. Then when you upgrade, you lose even that. That must be a way to convert. Why don't they offer larger internal drives ? With HD and 3d, 1 Tb is tiny. It just seems short sighted. People record a lot more: sports, movies, series,etc. They should be able to upgrade without losing it all. By putting an external drive on you can extend it but it doesn't let you access the internal drive on the dvr itself. Dish has this and techs I've spoken too said it isn't a major fix. It can be done easily. It's making a lot of people look outside satellite and cable services. Directv is fine but for what we pay it should be able to address some of these problems. They're the same problems and complaints that I ran into 5 years ago and they're still not being addressed.

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