SB6141 signal loss and severe speed degradation - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "SB6141 signal loss and severe speed degradation", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Is this a problems with the cable modem or TWC?

Here are my signal levels when everything is working correctly (which is most of the time):
Good Signals

I can get download speeds in excess of 50 Mbs with good signals.

Now look at the bad signals
Bad Signal

When this happens , seemingly at random (every few days to a week or more) speed slows to a crawl.
1. the 0 DB signal on bonding channel 31... when this happens, the speed of my internet connection goes to well under 1 MBS.
2. when I reboot, I get 8 channels. Over time, the number of bonding channels drop, sometimes all the way to 4. Even when the number of channels drop from 8 to 4, the speed seems okay unless the signal of the last channel drops to 0 DB.

Rebooting the cable modem corrects the problem.



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