SCAM!! New Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan??!! - XFinity

Just got the email regarding Comcast's new Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan. What is this garbage???!!
Are you serious, Comcast??! This is an unacceptble! A total scam! You need to reverse this immediately!
I don't care how much you claim I can "do with a terabyte". It's still less than I was able to do before, no matter now you try to sugar coat it!
I'm so enraged by this corporate bait and switch BS! I have an unlimited data plan! How does that suddenly become limited?!
Of course you have a monoploy in my area, and so you see an opportunity to take advantage of it. This is crooked and underhanded. A new low for you.
I pay a ridiculous monthly subscription to Comcast every month, and this is how you reward your loyal customers.
Time to look into satellite internet.
I encourage others join in with me. I hope you get the PR nightmare that you deserve.