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There have been so many Series, some fabulous, some flops. What happened to them and why?
Stargate for instance, the Characters changed, the Writers ran out of new ideas?
What would you have done, what would you create here, which would be new, fresh, intriguing?

Let’s be realistic, there needs to be a connection to what has been done, why not use that “momentum” to uplift a new series of TV episodes, which would be worthy of our “Loyalty”, as has been established in those of the past.

Set up a cast, which is understandable, a continuance of what has been done in the past. Use Characters that could be actually take those “monumental” positions, who are young enough to actually carry out the roll. But, there is no reason why YOU can’t pull in a character of your own choosing. Combine them, draw from new ones, be creative!

We don’t know who will be reading this Thread, maybe, just maybe someone, a Producer, a Writer, someone who can actually do something with what we say here, and give us a new Series based on your characters, your plot.

You never know, you might be the catalyst which gives us the next Babylon, Stargate or Next Generation.
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Star Trek Chiron

Star Trek Chiron

As the name of the Series and Starship, I chose Chiron, who was one of the Centaurs, barbarous beasts which were said to be half-horse and half-human. But unlike the others, Chiron was extremely wise and tutored Hercules and Jason. Given the duplicity of this supernatural being, I thought it would be appropriate to lend to the variety which I think the characters need to be in my new Series. Additionally, my thought for the Ship was a brain like a Human, and a kick like a Horse. I’m really tired of seeing these weakly defendable pieces of junk out there, with no weapons to speak of. I want the Chiron to be MAGNUM grade!

Generally speaking, I thought that getting stuck on a Space Station like DS9 was a little limiting. I enjoyed the variety of places one could travel, like shown on Trek Orig., TNG, Voyager and Enterprise. So with that in mind, my Series would be going “where no man has gone before”, in the tradition of the Trek Series.

There are SO many young actors and actresses which can step up to all the very important rolls, who can be linked to their predecessors and or have an established presence on one of the Series, which can make a very nice connection to the past. That’s important in my view, seeing familiar faces, this lends credence to all of it.
So, as a start, I’ll pick a Cast.

Cast for The Federation Star Ship USS Chiron.

As Captain.
Tim Russ as (now) Captain Tuvok. (x Voyager)
Vulcan’s live a long time, and he’s young enough to make the link to the future where this Series takes place. And, given his time with Humans, some “relaxing” of his normal starchy posture can be justified, to a point!

As First Officer.
Elizabeth Dennehy as (now) Cmdr. Shelby. (x TNG)
She was out to get Riker’s job, and she could build as great a fire under Tuvok. I like her spunk, and I think she would make a super #1.
Michelle Forbes as (now) Cmdr. Ro Laren. (x TNG)
She has the spunk to “teach” Tuvoc a thing or two, and Picard suggested that she stay in Star Fleet.
And if that level of spunk doesn’t convince you, check her out in Battlestar Galacticia Razor !

As Second Officer/Ops.
Hallie Todd as (now) Lt. Cmdr. Lal. (x TNG)
Why not continue with an Android here, seems like they wouldn't have let such a valuable commodity like that go to waste. She played a very cool roll as Lal, and I can see a definite affection developing for this new female Android.

Notice a few more females showing up on the Bridge now !

As the Helmsman.
Manu Intiraymi as (now) Lt. Cmdr. Icheb. (x Voyager)
His X-Borg mentality should click with the starchiness of Tuvok. They showed him as being an adult in a Voyager episode, so maturing him into an adult roll is a natural progression. Also, I’d like to see that Stick pop up more like in Enterprise, let him actually fly the Chiron instead of just punching those little buttons.

As Ship’s Councilor.
Scarlett Pomers as (now) Lt. Naomi Wildman. (x Voyager)
She seems a shoe in for the roll, calm, concerned, and those little horns on her forehead may come in handy if they encounter the Zindi equivalent of the Borg somewhere.

As Tactical Officer.
Aron Eienberg as (now) Lt. Nog. (x DS9)
He can still keep his Latinum under his bed, and use his vast acting ability to bring a little humor to the Bridge.

As Science Officer.
Neil Dennis as (now) Lt. Cmdr Rya'c. (x SG1)
Though he never demonstrated any specific Science skills in SG, I'm sure that enough Tritonin could be manufactured to keep him going.

As the Ship’s Doctor.
Cirroc Lofton as (now) Dr. Jake Sisko. (x DS9)
Again, not interested in Command, I think following the Dr. Phlox (non military) lead is the best way to go for this roll.

As Chief Engineer.
Wil Wheaton as (now) Lt. Wesley Crusher. (x TNG)
He never was interested in Medicine, and with the aptitude for Entineering he demonstrated in TNG, his mentality would fit right in to the roll.

Cameo Appearances.
Each one of the main Cast selected, has a link to previous Series. Wouldn’t be all that difficult, to have those older actors come on over SubSpace for just a line or two, to see how their kid was doing. Would bring a familiarity to the Series, which any sequeling needs badly. Ie:
Mom Dr. Crusher could collaborate with Jake on a Medical problem and say hello to Wesley too.
Worf could call Alex up, and give him a tip on how to avoid a bad situation.
Tuvok could contact Admiral Janeway for some reason.
Stuff like that.

I have other ideas for characters, and am thinking about a Plot.
Surely you've had an idea about a Series like this...let's hear about it.

Have a good Day ! :)
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Wesley came back from being phased? I wouldn't watch. I couldn't stand Wesley. I was soooo glad when he left ST:TNG. Now Naomi Wildman? She'd be wonderful to watch. She'd hook me. You should get O'Brien's kids into it. That way you could have a lot of guest star crossovers, from jsut about everyone on TNG and DS9.


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What a great post, I always enjoy seeing your personal thoughts like that.
Thought about adding Hana Hatae who played Molly O'Brien, but, that was the last acting she did, and though I think she had promise in acting, it's possible she has moved on to other ventures. So, in my new Series, I can't really count on her.

As far as the male O'Brien child, can't remember his name, but, he would be about 14-15 years old today, and I'd gladly consider him as a viable candidate for some part, IF he's demonstrated continuity in his acting career.

HA !, Though I don't agree with you on Wil Wheaton's roll as Wesley Crusher in TNG, but is the Actor, or the Roll he played, which you base your comment on?
Have you followed Wheaton's career since TNG?
I'll agree that all of us have our favs, and how could anyone not like Scarlet Pomers (Naomi Wildman-Vgr).

NOW !...
For the Roll of Science Officer on the Starship Chiron, how about...
Neil Dennis who played the part of Rya'c on SG1.
I've demoted Wheaton to the Chief Engineers position.
Wish I had the option to use/not use, but, I'm getting desperately short on child/younger actors ! :D

Any other suggestions (from anyone) ?.

Have a good Day ! :)


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RE: Wesley/Wil - both though I couldn't really give you a reason why except that they annoyed me. Wesley ended up a self-indulged brat. I didn't like him cheating on that one episode (forgot the name -- Riker goes against Picard in war games) and I didn't like Wes being such an idiot at the Academy.

Denis would be good. Two other SG-1 potentials -- the original Cassandra and Merrin (she's a phenomenal actress).

Don't you think Riker and Troi have had a kid by now too? They're married after all. Riker Jr. should be in the mix.

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Here's my two cents.

Twenty years ago I had an electric blanket and its round dial control was lighted with an NE-2 and its shape and glow would have made an excellent Starship! :alien: Ahhh yes ... toaster wars all over again!