Science Fiction fans

As I am sure that I already have mentioned countless times, I am a pretty big fan of Science Fiction films and television shows such as Star Wars and Star Trek, Doctor Who and so on.

Do we have any other Science Fiction fans here?


Yep...definitely a Scifi fan here.

Star Trek (bought up a lifetime sub to Star Trek Online after playing through closed beta)
Stargate (got hooked in season 3 of SG-1)
Star Wars (the "prequels" weren't bad...just different)

in that order :p

Love Doctor Who when I can catch it.
Firefly (only caught it after it started airing on Scifi)
Dollhouse (damnit)
Warehouse 13
Battlestar Galactica (off and on)

just to name a few shows I watch.


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StarGate: SG1
and now Universe

watched the whole season from begginning to end Last week on netflix streaming
and a few on mega video

Peace keeper wars is not on the instant, gotta wait for DVD

BSG, original series

Qauntam Leap


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I love science fiction. This goes back to the original Star Trek, The Outer Limits, and more. Modern era, it's Stargate SG-1, especially the vintage years of seasons 1-3. Sorry, but I hate Stargate Universe, and am not a fan of Atlantis, either, though it's better than Universe.
Oh wow, now you are going to get me started with the Stargate discussions! :D

Anyway I always loved Stargate SG-1 but I have not been able to get into Atlantis nearly as much.

Really it's ashame that SG-1 had to end when it did, although the last few seasons were heading in the wrong direction.

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Yesterday on KTTH-770 AM (their hive is 3 miles from me) it was announced on a future Friday and allegedly soon Leonard Nimoy will be at their studio and there was no reason for his visit said. Being an AM Talk Radio Station I make the assumption he has written a new book that will be promoted.

Any other clues from the gang about this coming local (to me) event would be appreciated!


PS J and I are definitely Sci-Fi fans. :alien::alien:
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I totally agree about the last seasons of SG-1. Richard Dean Anderson's exit just changed everything, especially when Michael Shanks decided to let Daniel just be himself, which is what he did. I hated Vala with a passion. There's supposed to be one more DVD movie but with MGM in crisis, it's been put on hold, just like the Atlantis movie has. All the money is going towards that dreadful Universe thing.


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Don Sinclare Davis August 1942 - June 2008

Another great actor is gone, and I'm sad to say, the number of those is diminishing and not being replaced that well.
James Doohan..
Anderas Katsaluas..

too many.

Have a good Day ! :)


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I forgot to say something about Don Davis. I met him once, and he was such a wonderfully warm and kind mind. I have nothing but warm thoughts about him. I just hate that he's gone. Like the song says, gone too soon.

Sort of unrelated but related, your comment about James Doohan instantly made me think of Walter Koenig. Isn't it just tragic what happened to his son, Andrew? To think, too, that we've had two suicides by performers' children in just a couple of weeks (Marie Osmond's son is the other). So sad.


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Acting, stardom, celerbity...

There must be some stresses/conditions related to that, which I'm totally unaware of.

And as you say, their children too. Maybe they're gone from home too much, didn't connect and let them know how much they're loved ?

I'm SO lucky, but, maybe me being a codgety old disciplinarian may have worked to their advantage in the long run.

I'm glad I choose Engineering as a livelihood.

Have a good Day ! :)


sci fi

I certainly enjoy well done Sci-Fi such as Star Wars, etc. Not all that keen about shows on TV. Maybe just prefer movie type formats. How do others feel about the new "V" series on TV compared with the original series "Visitors" back a few years ago. I am anxious for the new series to start again, I guess sometime this month (March). I was just not sure if it was done better or not. Certainly the commander of the new series "V" is just stunning and like her portrayal of the character as well.


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Stunning, UOO that's an understatement ! :whoo:

That very nice lady is Morena Baccarin, a Brazilian actress. You may have also noticed her as Adria, Queen of the Ori !
Did appearances in Stargate Arc of Truth, and about 5 episodes of SG-1.

Have a good Day ! :)
Stargate SG-1 jumped the shark soon as O'neill was promoted to General, and Vara was brought on to the show...and I never cared for her much.

A lot of what made me like the show so much, like inventive and interesting stories wasn't coming through anymore.

Honestly I think SG-1 could have lasted longer if O'Neill stayed as the main character, and if the writing didn't take such a massive hit towards the end.


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Definitely, had Richard Dean Anderson remained as O'Neill, the show would still be on. I firmly believe that, but he had personal stuff to attend to. I can't blame him for that. Actually, I have to applaud him. He left the show for his daughter, and that's a gutsy thing to do. Who can argue with that? That little girl will always remember that her daddy gave up his career because she needed him. How cool is that?


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I hear that all the time about Claudia Black.
But, they are taking the rolls of "provocateurs" TOO far, just about every show on TV has one or more, and I really am getting tired of it. These writers are getting pretty weak, if that's all they can come up with to keep us interested.

The following rolls are of exceptional disgust at times...
Vala @ SG-1, Claudia Black
DeNozzo @ NCIS, Michael Weatherly
Sheppard @ SG Alantis, Joe Flanaigan
Ms. Troy @ TNG, Majel Barrett
Roe Laren @ TNG, Michelle Forbes
Alexander Rozhenko @ TNG, Bryan Bonsall
"Q" @ TNG, John De Lancie
"Q Jr." @ Vgr, Keegan De Lancie
Shelby @ TNG, Elizabeth Dennehy
and numerous others.

I hope I NEVER see Claudia Black and Joe Flannigan on the same screen at the same time EVER again ! Farscape was enough !
(I meant Stargate not Farscape, thank you Orry for the correction)

Have a good Day ! :)
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Flanigan was on Farscape? Claudia starred with Ben Browder who ended up on SG-1 unfortunately. He was a Jack clone and I couldn't stand him.


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Thank you for the correction, BUT, I still don't want to ever again see those two on my TV at the same time no matter what show they're on ! :D

Have a good Day ! :)
It's just ashame that Stargate SG-1 had to end the way that it did, as a pale imitation of what it once had been. Whenever a show changes a lot of what once worked, there is a severe risk of alienating longtime series fans...which is what happened to SG-1
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