SciFi Fan? Does Network TV do it well?


Catherine Kustanczy at Mic.Com has an interesting take on network television and Sci-Fi programming. here is a taste...

"Almost Human had a splashy debut last fall on FOX. It was marketed like any other new television show, with all the hype you'd expect: full-on press, flashy promos, breathless Facebook updates. High-tech and futuristic, the show featured two handsome leads, science fiction storylines and nods to popular cinematic influences like Blade Runner and Aliens.

Even so, Almost Human did not get renewed for a second season. The cancellation of what was once one of the most anticipated sci-fi TV shows has led to questions about the viability of sci-fi programs on broadcast television, and highlights the limitations of traditional network television when it comes to producing and cultivating these programs. In sum, they just can't figure out how to do it. "

When was the last time you really got into a network Sci-Fi series? Should Sci-Fi always be placed in the future? Perhaps it is necessary to be in the unknown future so the fiction can be added.

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[h=1]The Television Industry Has No Idea How to Handle Great Sci-Fi[/h]


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For me, "Science Fiction" is science+fiction. Not paranormal - NO VAMPIRES, ANGELS, GHOSTS, ETC.
Seems the only thing the networks do these days is paranormal.