Scrappy Company Finds Niche in TV Antennas


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From The Article:
Every entrepreneur dreams of building a better something - think mousetrap, app or gee-whiz gadget.

One local team set its sights on antennas.

The team's efforts, which started as research at N.C. State University, have been aimed at designing new antennas for the military. That's still a top goal, but in March they began selling an indoor antenna that receives free over-the-air, high-definition digital TV signals.

The $44 Mohu Leaf debuted way down (No. 600+)'s ranking of "HDTV antennas," but recently reached No. 1. Mohu's employees, working out of cluttered offices in a North Raleigh strip mall, are assembling and shipping up to 80 a day. Last week, they had sold more than 2,400.

"We're not calling it a home run yet, but this is a ticket to the game," said Mark Buff, co-founder and CEO of Mohu and its sister company GreenWave Scientific. "This is the first sign of moving beyond paying the bills and looking at explosive growth."
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