Screen goes black for 1 or 2 seconds


I'm new to this forum and hope that this thread is in the right place.
I use Time Warner digital cable service in the Hudson Valley of NY State.
About two weeks ago I noticed that when I turn on my TV set I am always faced with the ON DEMAND screen. That's a minor annoyance. I don't opt for any of those and just hit some regular channel and proceed from there.

But at the same time I noticed something more bothersome. Every time I go from one channel to another I see the picture on the new channel for a second and then the screen goes totally black for one or two seconds and then the screen gives me the picture.

I mostly am wondering whether everyone has this happen who uses TWC or whether this is unique to my area. Also wondering whether this is something that has to be lived with or whether perhaps there was a way to prevent the momentary black screen. Like I said, it just started recently while I have had the digital cable for about a year. There have been no other changes in hardware (same 8300HDC DVR and using the same remote).



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Hello and welcome dr4sight. I am in Liberty, NY but I am not a TWC subscriber. It's a part of the Hudson Valley system. I will ask several neighbors about this and get back to you on this in a few days.


I have TWC in Central Ohio and have the same issue. They gave me a new set-top box and it seemed to solve the problem for a while but it came back. I've asked other people if they have the same problem and everyone seems to have it around here, it's like a delay when you switch from one channel to another, actually at times i dont think the remote is working so i keep hitting up or down button and by the time the receiver reacts i've gone 3-5 channels or more, just seems like the remote is very slow in reacting and is annoying, but i think it's in there system somehow and not in the equipment at your home.


Welcome aboard, I agree with the others that you should call Time Warner. If it continues, I would also alert them to the fact that this seems to be quite a problem from among people you've spoken to.


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Well I asked a few people around here, a few with the digital (or HD) box. They do not have any problems like this. Like others I say, call TWC or if the office is nearby, bring your box down and swap it for another. I am not sure where you are but I know they have offices near Middletown, Newburgh and Liberty.

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