Seagate starting a ROKU channel.


Digitaltvnews announced that Seagate "turned on the new capability for connecting Seagate Central personal cloud storage or Seagate Wireless Plus to a Roku® streaming player. Now with the new Seagate Media Channel on Roku, pictures, video and music saved to a Seagate Central or Seagate Wireless Plus are available to enjoy from the comfort of the living room. The Seagate Media Channel on Roku allows visual browsing of content on the drive with cover art for movies, albums, song titles for music and thumbnails for photos. Millions of people use Roku players every day to watch their favorite entertainment on demand. Now Seagate has made it easy to enjoy a personal library of music, movies, photos, and more on the big screen."

So this is kind of cool. Does anyone have the Seagate Central cloud storage?