SeaQuest DSV and Star Trek

Does anyone remember the short-lived (like the original BSG) series 'SeaQuest DSV?' i used to be very much fond of it. perhaps then i compared it to Star Trek: The Next Generation but underwater. well i watched the original two-hour premiere online last night to relive it and it being the awesome series it is, i decided to check out the similarities; there are a few:

1.On one of the transmissions to SeaQuest, the massive submarine, the logo at the bottom has the letters "JTK NCC1701" at the bottom, which is a obvious reference to 'James T Kirk' and the registry # of the Enterprise from The Original Series

2. United Earth Oceans organization. obvious spoof on United Federation of Planets. the logo is also shown at the 'End Transmission' during on-screen transmissions in the same manner as the 'United Federation of Planets logo, and is very similar.

3. the terms 'Refit,' and even similar euphenisms such as 'Plasma Torpedoes,' sorta sounds like 'Photon Torpedoes' and even 'shields.'

4. The viewscreen is present and the bridge layout of SeaQuest itself is almost identical to the bridge layout (positions of staff and crew and even the bridge itself) of the Enterprise-D from The Next Generation

LOL. i always thought it was like Star Trek underwater. and there's even a misfit kid there who reminds me a whole lot of Wesley Crusher from TNG too.
It was created by Stephen Spielberg and lasted from (iirc) '93-95 and was a lot like Star Trek but underwater. excellent special effects even for that period and doesn't even look dated today.

There were some guest roles later which took people who played in Star Trek. i think William Shatner played a villian in one episode and Stephanie Beecham is a regular character and i believe she was in a star trek-something.

It's on SurfTheChannel - Home

Look in 'Channels -->Television-->S--->SeaQuest DSV. it's an excellent series if not a little long forgotten. Just don't expect any Vulcans or Emergency Medical Holograms though.

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SeaQuest went through a couple of variations, with and without Roy Scheider. I never could get into it though and only saw a handful of episodes.
Beecham sounds a little like Kathryn Janeway and i cannot help but think that Kate Mulgrew would've fulfilled the role of Dr. Westphalen a little better lol. Beecham reminds me of Daphne from Frasier.

It appears that Data's role in TNG is fulfilled by a Dolphin in SQ lol. or at least it seemed so. when i watched it when still on, i never could get into the episodes without Darwin.

The revisions went by different titles and one was called 'SeaQuest 2032' and was set in space doing a very bad Star Trek impression. it was like the popularity of Galactica 1980--a total flop. and probably one of the wounds which killed the series.