Searching for ATSC + QAM tuner


DTVUSA Jr. Member
I have a Dell 3300MP projector in a DIY home theater set up. Have Comcast basic digital service, also an OTA antenna lead from a large outdoor antenna. I'd like to find an HD tuner that has both OTA and QAM capability, but no DVR. I want a unit that does not "down scale" the signal as many DVR units do.
One very popular model that would be perfect is the Samsung DTB-H260F. Problem is, it's not being made anymore and I can't find any new ones still for sale.

So the question is: What is a good stand alone HD/QAM tuner that:
----has component video output (my receiver doesn't have HDMI)
----has digital audio out
----does not have a DVR
----has 2 memory areas for storing scanned channels - to avoid having to rescan each time you switch from OTA to cable
----is available new with manufacture's warranty from a reliable outlet
What could be simpler??? It turns out, there aren't many that fit all the requirements.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Check some of the thrift stores, goodwill, and even flea markets. that's where i spotted my Samsung SIR-T451 HDTV Tuner which does OTA and QAM as well, and i got it for the beautiful price of $5. they thought it was an old cable box lol!

The SIR-T451 (also check ebay), has many different outputs, one of which is your average component video out, and it also has RGB VGA-out for a computer monitor, or even a DVI output. sadly since it's HD it's kinda sad that there's no HDMI out at all. and the switch which changes output from 480i to 1080p is not remote-control capable, instead it's just a switch in the rear of the box next to the Channel 3/4 switch.