Season 5


New season coming in less than 3 weeks, premiers Sept 16. So cast is now House (1), Wilson (2), Cuddy (3), Old Team (6) and New Team (9). 9 main characters in all. Good enough crowd for a roughly 45 min show but I hope they won't keep adding. Change is good but too many characters means less air time for the main characters.

I think this show is great. As a manager I once took a page from an episode of house where the parents of one of his patients didn't want anything to do with the patient. House said to tell the patient's parents the guy was dying and that got the parents attention. I used a similar technique here at work to get someone's attention and it worked.


Good job tongyun. Sometimes it takes the shock factor to get peoples attention. As for House, I have such hopes for some new shocking moments.
Froix, great picture. Did you get that online? I'd love to have a poster of the crew.


I agree with froix not adding up more characters cause it would definetly lessen air time for our favorite character. I watched seasons 1 to 4 and I just can't wait for season 5. I love how the story's played out eventhough sometimes its all the same.


Three episodes in and so far a bit disappointing to be honest. I'm not liking the PI guy and the script writing's not as good as I expected.
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