Season 8 moving to ABC


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There will be a season 8 of scrubs how awesome is that. I have been hooked on the show since it started. Season 7 goes on sale in November 11th as well save the date my friends save the date.

Boss Hog

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Now that show is funny. Dr. Cox and the janitor really make me laugh. The way they hassle the JD is priceless i'm glad to know that there will be a new season coming out soon. I heard that it isn't starting until mid-season though.


scrubs is a great show. i was very sick and tired of all the "serious" medical shows like ER.....and to get a comedy medical show is nice change and that is why i like scrubs with their wacky sense of humor.:D


Is it really moving to ABS? I wonder why. Anyways, I love the show. Its got great humor and better drama. I absolutely adore Dr. Cox. His character and its many colors keep me entertained. :)


I was wondering what ever happened to this show. I used to watch it all the time, but not recently. I'm happy to see it still will be on the air as I thought it was cancelled.


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Apparently the staff was unhappy with how the old producers used to run things. That is why the show was moved to ABC. I am hoping for a couple more seasons of the show as it is my favourite.