Seasons greetings – 2009


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Seasons Greetings from the Snow Capital of the Gulf Coast
(0.00001” in Ten Years, but it didn’t actually stick ! :cheesy: )

Just wanted to wish all my new friends at DTVUSA a Mary Christmas
and a prosperous New Year.

Have been offline for a couple days because of the Flu, and it will take a few more for a recovery this time.

I wish the best to you and yours for this Holliday Season.

Have a good Day ! :)


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Well it did snow here Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in 1989. Very weird weather. First we had an ice storm (yes for real) with 1/4 build up on all the branches and wires. Fortunately the power wires here stayed up, as they are not built for that here! I could not open the doors on my car for 2 days! There was 2 to 3 inches of snow on the grass. It was crazy.

Had to drive to my inlaws that night and told them no way. We waited till my car thawed out and there were still patches of black ice on the roads. Man did it ever create a lot of potholes on the older roads over the next week from the ice.

But this year, no way. It's 76 outside and probably get rain from the winter storm tomorrow. Which I plan to just stay inside and relax.

Merry Christmas and all the other stuff.


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Alvin and the The Chipmunks: The Christmas Song


Yes Dave?

Time for a classic...........


Then the poster tells us about the junk in her trunk...
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Merry Christmas :cheers: I thank everyone for their help and the fantastic knowledge base here.

Now, its time to turn off my late 1930s Crosley radio, watch "A Christmas Story". Then, wind up Victor and play some scratchy old 78s!



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I can't resist. Gotta troll.

I was standing in front of my spice rack this morning and guess what?

All the spices said to me "Season's Greetings!"