Seeking desperate help with Xfinity Cable - Channels are frozen/pixalated




I have been using Xfinity services for years and haven't changed anything on my end. Starting this March, I have been having channels such as MSNBC, FOX, TENNIS, etc. frozen and pixalated meaning the images are distorted. I have reported this issue with Comcast for 9 times across three months, spending 45-90 minutes per call. I have been informed that Comcast will send some technician but haven't been able to seek their service yet. The problem (I suspect) is not in my house but rather the cable box junction in the backyard. This problem occurred last year and they rewired something in the backyard. I would like to report this issue to someone like VP of Customer Service and include the video of the channels we are receiving. Can someone advise what we need to do further to get this issue resolved? It's been painful staying home and not having channels to watch, paying a lofty price at the same time.

"Seeking desperate help with Xfinity Cable - Channels are frozen/pixalated," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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