Sent a non x1 cable box as a replacement



I consistently receive the error RDK-03033 on my only cable box (model PX022ANM), making it unable to change channels, view the guide, etc until I restart the box and wait 5-10 minutes for it to reboot. I've spent hours with chat tech support, finally getting a replacement sent out, or so I was told. I was quoted 24-72 hours for delivery, but after a week, still no replacement so I contacted a chat agent again as my work schedule conflicts with the call center hours. The agent told me that no box was sent out and no ticket was entered, after I was assured it was taken care of. I asked the agent to review my previous chat logs and they confirmed a box was supposed to be sent out but never was. So a replacement box was sent out and received. I had to call to activate and get a refresh signal sent in order to receive any input. After over an hour on the phone with support (who managed to read the same paragraph of the troubleshooting guide to me 3 times in a row), the remote would not connect, so I was told a new remote would be sent out. It's been over a week and still nothing, however, the remote started working after getting off the phone. (Go figure.) After all that, I am unable to record anything, and the guide was the old style, the box had no X1 functionality. The box I received as a replacement was model PR150BNM. I noticed other topics posted from other users who had the same experience. The PR box I was sent to replace my defective PX X1 box, is an ancient box not compatible with X1. The closest xfinity store or UPS dropoff is 45 minutes away. I've had enough frustration with this issue, I just want the correct replacement. Please help.

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