Series Manager:HR24-500... Acting funky - DirecTV

I've noticed that in the last few weeks there have been several shows that *should* have recorded but didn't, all being set up in the Series Manager. One this that's odd is if I go to the Series Manager (SM) and locate a particular series in the list, its upcoming count; the number of shows to recorded, shown in () on my HR24, it will be '0'. That in spite of the fact that there are several shows (first run) that show up in The Guide for that exact program. For some reason, SM is not 'seeing' these shows (not today's, tomorrow's, 3 days out, etc.) and as such, is not setting them up to record as it (SM) normally does. If I choose "Other Episodes" in SM's dropdown menu (in Series Setting), they do show up there. There are currently 39 shows set up in SM, most of all are being recorded as normal. I'm guessing this glitch might have something to do with a recent software push that's a bit buggy. Considering all the issues DTV's having as of late and their apparent insistance on releasing new app's, hardware and software versions, etc; all before having been proven reliable and relatively bug-free, it's no surprise. Unplug, reset, reboot... why not.

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