Service problems - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Service problems", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Ok so lets start with 6 months of service and not one clean month of service at least 2 days a month in going on and off ...... lets move on to 5 missed appointments 2 of which i had to take off work to make sure they could get in,, no shows all of them ... lets move on to the promised $200.00 visa card after 30 days of service 6 months later nope never recieved ... when i ask i get the run around and change of subject.... no real answers ... also billing // my bill says one thing they say at the counter another so i pay what ever they say and im still off .... last time it was there it was the opposite they said pay less then the bill i did and now im off.... they did it again this morning i went in with the expectation of paying 158 dollars as i was told to pay ,, only to find out they only wanted 50 dollars wtf and im still off ..... They say they disconnected me at the pole which is clealry not true.... i have a limited connection i can see the wifi connection so do my neighbours and i can access my cable box........ and as i see it is still connected clearly at the pole i went up and looked to see so after this you tell me i talked to the district atty about this he said file a civil lawsuit for 5 grand and ill get it since i have the conversations and pictures ... your call im just bent at the lack of service and total b/s im constantly being fed especally with billing you say pay 158 i go pay 158 i get there they say no only 50 wtf get it together im tried of being lied to 0 honesty at all since the start.....

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