Service since Spectrum is terrible - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Service since Spectrum is terrible", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Terrible is probably too soft of a word. I am paying $70 and change for a product that works maybe half the time. I know I know, maybe it's your modem, nope. My in laws are paying for the same crappy service. I was Time Warner's biggest fan, until the switch. Since Spectrum, our internet drops. Only for long enough to completely disrupt all you are doing. It comes back about the time I dial the number to complain, by time I wait my 23 spaces inline to speak to a rep that I pressed 1 for extremely broken English. Whom goes ahead and tells me my internet speed is amazing!!!! Sure now it is, but in 10 mins it will be what's that out again???? Mister extremely broken English even told me it was because it was cold!!! Cold? Really? Then bring it a flipping blanket. Today it's 53 degrees, yep you guessed it! It has gone out 3 times whilst typing this message!!! Why not switch to a competent internet provider? There are no other providers in the area! Soo yes mister extremely broken English, I will keep paying for high speed that is worse than dial up! Ahh, but I won't do it quietly!! I continue to tell everyone I know and random strangers in line at the Spectrum store, "Runnnnnnnn, their crappy internet will eat your soul!!" And Spectrum=worst Time Warner decision ever!!

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