Serviceability to my new location - Time Warner Internet

My name is Raymond. I have been A Time Warner Customer for years. I enjoyed having a reliable connection at great speeds for years. Recently I moved to the South Side of Zebulon,NC . I live a mear 1500ft away from where there is a Time Warner connection. I am unable to get Time Warner to provide service to my new residence or the 16 other homes between the last connection and the Johnston County line. ( on NC HWY 96) Time warner has stated because there is not enough interest or profitablity to extend cable into the area. I called to see if they could do anything about this issue. I was told that if I provided a co-payment of $10,000 they could provide me with service. Nice thought, my question is this is really reasonable? I understand that some of the households may not connect right away. I do find the price a bit outlandish for the oppurtunity for them to provide service. I plan on being here for the rest of my life and wonder if I can ever get reliable service again.

I also have been imformed my neighbor would of liked to get service but the never extended to the Johnston/Wake County line. It's hard for me to believe that living closer to town than I ever have I cannot get service and do not see getting service in the forseeable without paying some absurd amount.
I hope this finds it's way into the right hands and maybe service may be put into the plan for the future.