services out for a week and att has no window on repairing - DirecTV

Our services ( telephone, internet and tv) have been out 5 days now. I reported the problem and likely culprits ( unknown crew digging at street corner) within 10 min. Tech who came out said that was the problem and until repaired nothing he could do. Since then each day we are told there is a "ticket" on repairing the line but no one has " picked it up" and until then just " wait for the call from our national repair hotline" . This problem destroyed our Thanksgiving dinner plans, has us using up our data, spending $$ on Redbox , used dvds and purchasing an antenna in hopes of being able to watch as least one football game ( we pay for the football package so my husband can enjoy ALL the games btw...) so we are approaching livid. To compound the lack of response we were told that our fiber optic cable ( the most recent one buried by ATT - 3 in 3 years....) is a solo line so we are the only ones affected. As a result it feels like we are low or no priority of being repaired. Customer service has all the buzzwords of so sorry and understand the inconvenience but bottom line nothing. Where to go from here? At this point feel like we could already have contacted a new provider and have service by the time att ( or the mythical sub contractors or national repair line) find it convenient.

This question, "services out for a week and att has no window on repairing," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.