Set Top Boxes - capabilities and requirements


Hello, I had a couple of questions I was hoping someone could help me figure out:
I would like to know if there are devices that enable you to actually search the internet for whatever content you wanted as opposed to viewing the set channels - I think ROKU has specific places you can go and thats it, is that correct? is there a product that allows you to view whatever you want on the internet from whatever site you want?
Second, which devices requiore you to also have a cable box? is it true that Google T.V. needs a DVR/cable box?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide


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Most computers now have HDMI outs, and TV sets have HDMI in. One cable does both sound and video. With Windows 7, Media center is built in. Add a TV tuner for OTA, and a wireless keyboard / mouse, and hook it up to the internet - good to go!


Second, which devices require you to also have a cable box? is it true that Google T.V. needs a DVR/cable box?
Google TV (more specifically the Logitech Revue) has an HDMI input for connecting a DVR or cable box, but this is only required if you want to see your cable or DVR output in the picture-in-picture mode supported by the Revue. If you TV remote allows you to switch between over the air, or other inputs, and the HDMI TV input (the output of the Revue) then you can use your TV remote to switch inputs, using the Revue to watch internet content, and your TV's tuner to watch over the air, or other inputs.