Set up requires router with two ethernet outputs - DirecTV

DirecTV requires one direct coaxial connection to be able to purchase movies, etc. - that cable is connected through a Connect Home Adapter to an ethernet cable to our Netgear router (N300 wifi cable modem router Model: C3000). The Netgear router also requires a direct coaxial connection to our ISP.

We also run a second router (Airport Extreme) to give us broader coverage in the backyard and to a guest house (w/genie) - this second router also requires an ethernet connection from the Netgear router.

So, there are two coaxials coming from 'the wall' - one into the DTv Adapter - into an ethernet to the Netgear router. The other coax direct to the Netgear router. And then an outgoing ethernet to the Airport Extreme router.

I'm unimpressed with the coverage of the C3000 Netgear router - does anyone have a better configuration idea - or a recommendation for a different wifi/modem.

This question, "Set up requires router with two ethernet outputs," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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