Seventy subchannels in LA!


One shocker: The station that's running nine SD subchannels. What are they... slide shows?!?
Isn't there a station somewhere in the south that has like 20-30 subchannels? Can you image the kind of quality that's being broadcasted with such limited bandwidth?


The Los Angeles Times had a mostly positive take on OTA versus pay TV today in Rabbit ears make a comeback in digital TV era. Their reporter made particular note of how multicasting can be used to serve ethnic niches.
Thanks for posting this.

Two of the more interesting quotes from the article, at least to me anyway are...

As more viewers tune in to the newly reenergized possibilities of broadcast television, manufacturers say they can't make antennas fast enough.

"Our sales are going through the roof," said Richard Schneider, president of Antennas Direct, a St. Louis manufacturer of the devices.

Schneider said that sales had nearly tripled since the switch-over, and that he had to add a new assembly line in his factory to meet the demand. The company produces nearly 100,000 antennas every month, thousands of which are sold in the Los Angeles area, he said.


In addition, many popular cable-only channels, including ESPN and CNN, are not yet available over the air. However, at least one Silicon Valley start-up has been experimenting with piping cable and satellite programs onto the airwaves in Los Angeles. Sezmi Corp. expects to roll out its service in major U.S. markets early next year. It plans to charge users about $25 a month for a service that offers a selection of broadcast, cable and Internet programming.

I'd be willing to pay $25 a month for the best of the pay tv offerings.

Anyone know exactly what they are offering for $25 a month?


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Anyone know exactly what they are offering for $25 a month?
Very limited bandwidth per channel. This might be the ultimate test though of which is more important, content or bandwidth?

But it might look good to someone that pay twice that for cable on a tube TV with one of the companies receiver boxes..

I am guessing, so I guess I am not exact, but surely wonder what it looks like and will it fly?


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Yes we've got loads of channels here in LA, with so many catering to non-english speaking TV watchers which is cool in my book but no good for me.