Several channels not working with new equipment - XFinity

My equipment went out during Christmas and they decided to replace it all since they were going to . I thought great. Well not so great the charged me $50.00 to mail back the old equipment. They added it to my February bill. If that isn't bad enough the new equipment is no good. It doesn't get all of the channels. I called to get help and spent 2 hours with a tech on the phone. They told me to return my equip,ent and get replacement equipment for all 4 rooms. If that wasn't bad enough when my boxes went bad at Christmas I was told I could get a better deal that would lower my total cost and I wouldn't lose any stations I currently had. That was funny as soon as I hung up I noticed a couple of changes nothing too bad until Sunday when I went to turn on Redzone the channel that gets all the football games. They removed it from my package. I was mad I called and was told by one of their supervisors that it was too bad I had agreed to the new package and their was nothing they could do. All I can say is they have you by the you know what so pay close attention to anything they say or do because it will end up costing you in the end. Have a nice day!!!!!!!

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