Sezmi Hybrid DVR: A Mix of OTA and Cable?


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So this converter box / DVR is like a selective cable service? The Sezmi set top box is $299 though so a lot of cost is up front. Wonder what market they're trying to target? At least it's the same price as the DTVPal DVR.

The Belmont, Calif. company launched its hybrid TV service in the Orange County, Los Angeles area this week with service plans between $4.99 to $19.99.

The lower price includes stuff that is mostly free already, including local TV channels and Youtube videos, plus access to on-demand movies for an extra fee.

The higher-price subscription adds access to 15 cable channels, including CNN, Nickelodeon and Discovery (see chart on lower right). The company has contracts with Turner Broadcasting, Discovery, Viacom and NBC Universal.
Sezmi is a hybrid subscription service that offers local channels and a small selection of cable channels.

Content is delivered via a hybrid of over-the-air broadcasts (they use some of the bandwidth leased from local channels) via an antenna and from your broadband connection.