Sezmi Will Bring Back "Select Plus" Early Next Year Through Broadband


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"'If we can deliver those signals over a broadband connection,' Wiser said, 'why would we go city by city? We would take the live signals, whether they’re cable channels or other live signals, and deliver them the same way we deliver on demand.'"

Sezmi charts a new path to competition with cable | Technology | Los Angeles Times

"'Large numbers of [pay TV] consumers are paying an extraordinary fee for something they don’t watch,' Wiser said. 'We’re going to be selective, we’re going to stay on point with an offering that’s not for everybody.... It’s still going to be driven by value.'"
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Sezmi goes broadband

Definitely a good idea as there's a chance some of those cable channels will be available in HD. :cheer2:

And hopefully, so will KDOC OTA. :horse:


I'll believe it when I see it, but even then, don't be shocked and insulted (if it does happen) when the prices for the new Select Plus offering ends up being a lot higher (taking into consideration the increasing cost of broadband service) than their original Select Plus offering.

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