Share TV has free shows 24/7. There will never be a charge. There is an offering of over 1,000 TV shows. From The Bachelor to The Voice. A TV schedule is available to let customers know what time and channel the shows can be viewed. Community is an option to choose from , which allows room for discussions to be made about a variety of topics. I signed up right away and I 'm about to watch Anime , a full episode for the first time. FullMetal one, I forgot the rest of the name. But these are full episodes, not partial like youtube does sometimes. That is great to know, I can keep myself occupied with all these shows. Thanks Heavens. Hulu and ShareTV happen to be distribution partners. I recommend a lot of people to sign up , if you would like to watch shows for free. Now as far as I see there aren't any movies available , but who cares, can't beat this deal. One can also choose from history related stories like the Vikings. I have always wanted to know the full story behind Vikings, now I can watch the history video on them and get the full story, instead of my own concept. Go to The Online Television Community - ShareTV, if you would like to become a member. It is worth it, I tell you.
I have never seen the show Merlin. They may have Merlin on there. Just go to the website and sign up, all for free. Then search through and see if they have it. They might. Sorry, I don't know what that show is about.