Shawn Johnson is inspirational

Agreed. Great personality, and goes to school and while preparing and train for the olympics, where does she get the energy. lol I've seen her on talk shows and she's just cool and calm.


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did you see the interview with Shawn Johnson and Jen from Momlife?? YouTube - Jen Backstage at Dancing with the Stars!

Shawn is such an inspiration to others her age. She has done so much in her short life and I can't believe she is an only child! She is so humble and so sweet!!

She might be my new fav!!
yeah i do click the link and she is really adorable and serve as a good model for the youth of today!!
I really like Shawn. She is very talented. I can not believe how muscular she is for a little girl. When I watch her move on the dance floor--her muscles just stick right out. It's hard to believe she is still just a young girl.


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i love shawn she's cool, and so graceful. At her age she's good and always keeps my vote for her. not typical skinny body but with her it fits her muscular body and adds her more beautiful