NFL: Should billionaires pay for their own stadiums?

In wake of "Jerry World" (AT&T stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys), any new NFL Stadium pretty much has to be worth at least a billion dollars. The Vikings have a new one, the Falcons sick new stadium is coming soon,the team formerly known as the St. Louis Rams proposed a billion-dollar plus stadium to (unsuccessfully) keep the team in St. Louis. When these stadiums are built, a lot of times the bill (at least a large portion of it) falls in the laps of the city that houses the team, and therefore the residents of that city that pay taxes to live there. Is this right or wrong? To me, it seems like telling my best friends that I'm getting a Ferrari and they only get to look at it, but I also need help with the monthly payments. Thoughts?


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Living here in what may be the future home of the Raiders, I have to say... Billionaires and wealthy sports teams need to pay their own way. Las Vegas just got an NHL franchise, and not a single public dollar went into the arena. Why is football any different?
One thing to remember about the majority of these stadiums, is that they're not solely for the use of the football team. Certainly they're the major tenant, and the one who gets to kick out anyone else if there's a scheduling conflict; however, the stadiums are also used for college football games, concerts, monster truck rallies, motocross, and other uses. In the case of the Atlanta stadium, the Falcons financed or themselves paid nearly 80% of the construction costs, yet the Georgia World Congress Center (which is owned by the state) owns the stadium.

I'm all for professional franchises that can afford it building their own stadiums/arenas. It's better for them in the long-run, since they have more control on design and upgrades and the like, and it's usually more cost-effective than a government project (little room for graft and other waste). That being said, someone has to build these venues. Would I prefer a private entity build them? Sure, but let's face reality as it exists in the United States today.