Should I buy Roku or Apple TV?



Which streamer should I buy? I have an HDTV with HDMI ports so I think I'm good with pretty much any streaming player?


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Hmm get a Blu-ray or Apple TV as a streaming player. Both of these devices work well in streaming but the Blu-ray player will get you more for your money since it'll play Blu-ray DVDs too.


It's really a matter of personal preference. What features do you need?

Buy Amazon Fire TV if:
- you have Amazon Prime
- you buy lots of digital content from Amazon
- you like playing casual video games
- voice search appeals to you
- you don't know what you need

Buy Roku if:
- you don't want or need the things listed above for the Fire TV
- you want a cheaper option (my advice is go with the cheapest model you can find, unless you need a specific feature)
- you don't have a smart TV or blu-ray player, or need more channels than is included

Buy Apple TV if:
- you have other Apple devices
- you buy a lot of digital content from Apple
- you can wait until the next model comes out

Buy a "smart" blu-ray player if:
- you don't already have a blu-ray player
- you only need the most basic channels (will vary from device to device)

Buy Google Chromecast or Android TV if:
- just don't. (in my opinion, Google doesn't know what they're doing, and they have failed about half a dozen times to make a streaming player).