Should I get DirecTV?



I've been thinking about cancelling my Comcast cable service this next month and going to DirecTV. Anyone think it's a smart choice?

My main concern is pricing, followed by what I can get on HD.

Right now I pay about $105/month which includes 2 HD DVRs. With the Choice Ultimate package on DirecTV, I get the same amount of DVRs and only pay $50/month for the first year and then it goes back up to about $60. It's big savings but I'm just not excited about signing a 2-year contract.


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For me, DirecTV was certainly a better deal than cable. I ended up paying $15 more a month for internet but it's still cheaper by like $40 to have than cable/internet bundled.

But I wish I could cancel and just do the internet tv thing now. I'm still locked in for another year.

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