Show creator says Family Guy might only go on for a few more seasons


Have to laugh at Seth McFarlin's comments about stopping production on Family Guy in a few years,

“I don’t want to go 20 years like The Simpsons,” MacFarlane told Sun Media. “Ideally we would go another couple of years and then wrap it up. That would be my perfect scenario.
The fact that The Simpsons have been on TV for 20 years should say something about the show's staying power.

I just think Seth has too many other projects going on now between American Dad and The Cleveland Show. He's probably more motivated to make those shows successful because I'd think he has a bit more of the profit share worked into those deals.


Yeah, until the movie came out The Simpsons was extremely poor in its later seasons. Homer went from simple guy to thick as mince, and the overall later eps were just poor.

I wouldn't mind the earlier episodes being sharpened up though. In terms of animation at least.

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