Show going down hill

I think that the show was good at first but now it's starting to go downhill a little bit. I mean how many seasons are they going to do of the show? I think that Kelly Clarkson was the BEST out of any of the idols. And I do like Jordan Sparks...Other than that I haven't been a huge fan of any of the winners...I think the worst was Fantasia because she sounded so nasally, I don't understand how she won.


as with all shows, everything must come to an end...but they will definitely milk this cash cow for all that it is worth. so i think there are still atleast a few years left of it.


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This has been said every single season after the first. In my opinion the show is stronger than ever and there are some very talented people this year.
i don't know but i guess this season is better than the previous one though i like those who won. there good.. glad they've been discovered and have names on there on now.


American Idol will continue to be around as long as people like us keep watching it. Everyone deserves an opportunity in life and this is one that many people can use as an outlet.
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