Show listings on uverse without original air date - DirecTV

My DVR is recording series that I've set but because you have removed the air dates it is picking up all the reruns. My setting is to record Any day, Any time, First run only. I contacted the DIY network customer service and they said they always provide the original air date to the listing provider. Why are they being removed. Have also noticed this on the DIscovery channel. Some samples of shows without air dates are: Texas Flip N Move, Louisiana Flip N Move, Rehab Addict, Stone House Revival. From DIscovery Fast N Loud. These shows are usually run in block's so I have to clean out my DVR often. What's the use of having a series setting if it doesn't work right!

This question, "Show listings on uverse without original air date," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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