Show us YOUR transmitter! (Slow connections need not apply [Sorry!])


The Graveyard Shift
Now we all know theres some pretty interesting antenna farms and transmitters around. Post yours here...

Give us some basic information such as (just skip if you are unsure)-

Who broadcasts from there...
A little history...
And some pretty pictures :thumb:


The Graveyard Shift
Black Mountain Tower (AKA. Telstra Tower)

Location: Canberra, ACT, Australia (pop: 370,000)
Tower Height: 195.2m (640.4ft)
Black Mountain Height: 812m ASL (2664ft ASL), or 256m (840ft) above city.
Combined prominence above city: 451.2m (1480ft)

Designed to replace several other facilities in Canberra. Completed in 1980. Member of the the World Federation of Great Towers.

TV Broadcasts:
CTC6 (Southern Cross Ten)
ABC9A (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
WIN11 (WIN Television)
CBN12 (Prime7)
SBS30 (Special Broadcasting Service)

All VHF broadcasts vertically polarised, 50kW ERP. UHF broadcast horizontally polarised, 200kW ERP (equivalent coverage to the VHF services)

Digital Radio:
DAB+ Trial Multiplex (DAB Channel 10B - 3.1kW)

FM Radio:
10 stations: 20-80kW.

And many more other services including but not limited to those listed in the picture below.

Revolving restaurant woooooooooooooooooo:dance:

Uh oh!

Shiny! :becky:
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The Graveyard Shift
Cmon y'all (see im totally american :D )

I wanna see some of your transmitters....

I dont care if they are buildings, or guyed masts, or lattice towers... just as long as there is specs and pics :)

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Since at least 1962 and probably before then, KING TV-5 (NBC) has lit their Seattle tower as a Christmas tree. Depending on your location, it can be easily seen 25 miles away when the weather is clear. Here are some fairly recent photos.

Merry Christmas, all!

*Update: here are two more photos I found on Google Images. The first is fuzzy but the second one is class act credited to a photographer or blogger or someone named Albeiter. Nice shot+. This smart photographer found the ideal spot where KOMO-4 (38) and KIRO-7 (39) buttress the lighted KING-5 (48) tower. Good job because it looks much like my own photographic work. :thumb:

Lighting the King-5 Tower (video report) can be seen here:

Lighting the KING 5 tower | Seattle
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In the San Francisco Bay area, this is the awesome Mount Sutro Tripod Tower that offers FREE TV and FM radio to the public. It also hosts many Public Service antennas including some for Police and Fire Department / Perimedic Dispatches. The perfect location for the Region offering great coverage.

Two interesting links are below.

Sutro Tower at Mount Sutro

Sutro Tower Photos
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We don't get pretty towers here. We get a jumble of towers on a mountain.
This is Mt. Farnsworth near Salt Lake City, UT.
View attachment 2143
Obviously, things can get pretty ugly when the transmitters go down in the winter:
I understand they have to tunnel into the buildings.

farnsworth door.jpg

But I don't get my signal directly from Salt Lake, I get it from translators on Mt. Pisgah 10 miles to my south.
This is the only pic I could find - its from 2002.

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