sigh.... 'Favorite Movies for Free' broken



Aside from adding a new icon on the far left of the ONDEMAND bar for 'notification settings,' you also seem to have removed the feature under 'Saved / For You' where 'Favorite Movies Airing Soon' is listed and 'Favorite Movies for Free' is also listed. The broken part is that it has gone from a vertical scroll where viewing of all the movies was available to a horizontal scroll with only twelve available to look at. I remeber this exact same thing happening last fall too, does Comcast/Xfinity have some sort of problem or malfunction with horror movies? Are they worried that I'm not getting the notifications for the Dancing with America's Next Top Desperate Cake Bosses of the Orange County Presidential Debates???

"sigh.... 'Favorite Movies for Free' broken," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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