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I feel that this is more of a personal choice. When I was moving I was thinking about DirecTV and I actually went to my local Best Buy. They have a DirecTV representative who walked me through the whole song and dance about what they could provide and which promotions they were currently having.

The website also provides information about current promotions and deals, but can be confusing when it comes to actually making the purchase.

It depends on if you want to feel the pressure of talking to a representative or if you are comfortable online handling it yourself. Another option is to call the company to set up the purchase. During the call you can ask for the current rates, but this seems like the worst of the three for getting a good deal.

While the representative was a little bit pushy, I was already ready to get DirecTV and felt the most comfortable dealing one on one to set everything up. I researched prices and packages online beforehand, so I wasn’t surprised by the costs and knew what they were offering on the site in case his price was different.


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I would also check with your phone company, as DirecTV has 'bundle' agreements with several national phone companies. This will save you a little on your DirecTV bill
Yeah, I think the best "discount" available right now with DirecTV is when you bundle with their Internet service. It appears as though both DirecTV and Dish are in the "build the consumer base" war with regards to Internet customers. The only downer that I saw with this bundle is the fact of having to obligate to their TV service for 24 months to enjoy the combined discount. I think most of these "deals" are running just south of $50 USD pre-tax.
I had to talk to a few representatives from their website to really get a good feel for what I was looking for with their service. The best deal that we got was the bundle that they gave us for the internet. I know at Wal-Mart occasionally, I would see some deals involving DirecTV.
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