Signal dropping on occasion and waiting for Comcast to resolve - XFinity

I am having intermittent issues regarding my cable service. I have a Tivo Bolt w/CableCard and occasionally my HBO HD channels are dropping. The Tivo diagnostics was detecting that the SNR was going below 25dB. Other channels also saw their SNR go lower, but not enough to drop those channels. Even my cable modem detects that my downstream SNR is going from a typical value of 38dB down to 30dB. After working with Comcast tech support on the phone they suggested a tech come out. I had a couple of techs come last Friday 12/16 and they determined the issue isn't with my equipment or cabling and could see that there was an issue on the road. The tech looked at my modem history and saw that the issue began on 12/7. I was told by the tech that a line technician would come out to the road within 24-48 hours to resolve the issue. He told me that no one would contact me which I found puzzling. As of tonight, I am still seeing my signal drop for an hour or so and then come slowing come back. I can see this when I record HBO and see it go from no signal to a scrambled signal and then finally strong enough to stay on.

How do I follow up on getting this resolved. I guess I could call, but every time I do it seems like I am starting from scratch and have to explain the whole thing over. I don't understand why I wouldn't get some feedback as to getting the issue resolved. If it doesn't get fixed is there a way to get credited back for lack of service. I already am supposed to get a credit for the techs coming after the scheduled window that was promised.

Thanks for any advice.

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